Entertaining Your Kids for Hours with Creative Kids Toys

Entertaining Your Kids for Hours with Creative Kids Toys

It's no secret that kids can entertain themselves -- but cries of "I'm bored!" aren't always followed by hours of imaginative play. That's why it's a good idea to stock up on toys that inspire creativity and independent exploration. Whether it's zero-mess items like magnetic blocks and a DIY neon sign or slightly more involved activities such as bead kits and pipe cleaner Christmas trees, these creative kids toys are sure to keep your kiddos busy and happy.

1. Creativity for Kids Water Globe

This activity is a great way to encourage open-ended creative play and fine motor skills. Your child can paint, color and design their own little worlds inside of this glass container that's perfect for pretending to be a scientist or an astronaut.

2. Barbie Dolls

The classic Barbie doll is still as popular as ever, and there are countless options to choose from. From the newest Star Wars dolls to the ones that offer a variety of body types, heights and abilities, your child can find the doll that's just right for them.

3. Crafting

Getting messy and making things with glue is one of the best ways to engage your kids' minds. You can get started by simply collecting materials that your children would love to work with - tissue paper, beads, toilet paper rolls and Popsicle sticks are all great choices - then let them go crazy. This is a great option for toddlers and preschoolers who are starting to learn how to hold a crayon, or it's a fun way for older kids to express their creative style while keeping them away from screens.

4. Coding Robot

A coding robot is a great way to teach kids logic and problem-solving without any screen time. The Botley coding robot is simple enough for kids to use and features a range of games that will appeal to all age groups.

5. Walkie Talkies

It's hard to beat a walkie-talky when it comes to hands-free entertainment, and these ones are a step above the rest. They're easy to use, support up to 3 km of range and are perfect for encouraging outdoor adventures.

6. Stamp Set

A stamp set is a classic toy that helps children build narrative thinking and fine motor skills. This Melissa and Doug Fairy Garden Stamp Set is the perfect choice for encouraging storytelling and creativity, and it's also a wonderful way to introduce your child to basic coding concepts.


If you have a collection of different sets, your kids can mix and match their favorites to create something completely new and exciting. They can make a castle, a cityscape or even a spaceship.

Sometimes the best toys are the ones that you used as a child yourself. A puzzle is the easiest way to entertain kids of all ages while you get some work done. It's quiet, low-cost and requires minimal supervision. You can even add some extra excitement by challenging them to complete a giant puzzle in record time!

Entertaining Your Kids for Hours with Creative Kids Toys

Oftentimes, when your kids want to play, all you have to do is give them something new and exciting. Whether it's a 3D pen, a glow-in-the-dark wand or a new set of Lego bricks, these toys can capture their attention for hours on end and help them build important cognitive skills.

It's easy to think of toys that encourage imaginative play as "toys for little kids," but children of all ages can enjoy them. A good rule of thumb is to select toys that are age appropriate and will not frustrate your child if they aren't able to do them right away.

For example, a simple paper and crayons will entertain most kids for a long time while they draw pictures and create stories on their own. Alternatively, you can give them an empty box, some tape and a few scraps of cardboard or even fabric to build a fort in the living room or playroom. And on rainy days, you can help them design a miniature world inside or outside the house using a collection of small boxes (such as shoeboxes, milk cartons or an old gift box), some twigs and branches and a little imagination.

Other open-ended toys that inspire kids to entertain themselves are puzzles, a magnifying glass and a few props (like pool noodles, a cardboard sword or a basket of dried lentils). A kid can spend hours trying to figure out the best way to arrange these items, or how they might use them in a game of pretend.

Some of these toys can also encourage your children to develop problem-solving, creativity and social skills by working with their peers. For instance, you might invite one or more of their friends over to play with these toys, and then assign them a task such as designing a new playroom, creating an obstacle course or hosting a tea party.

Lastly, a walkie talkie can provide hours of fun by encouraging kids to go on pretend adventures with their friends. You can even turn it into a learning tool by asking your kids to take turns answering questions about the neighborhood or nearby landmarks.

And if you don't have the time to sit down with your children and read a book, audio books are another great way for kids of all ages to entertain themselves. You can even find books that focus on certain educational subjects, such as science, nature and history.